The Hate Keeps Us Warm

Welcome to the JTTOTS website, this is going to be just like the Facebook page with some of the shit we couldn't post sprinkled in with badass shit in our store. If you aren't familiar with how we do things, we are a group of former and active duty Marines that have had enough with this new "kinder gentler Marine Corps" and decided to do our part to put nasty boots and wooks on blast. If you are easily offended feel free to move on and go fuck yourself.





Marine Corps Times: How many admins does JTTOTS have? How does it break down in terms of active-duty, veteran, civilian? Are any of your admins women?


JTTOTS: In order to remain completely anonymous we can't answer as to how many admins we have or our enlistment status.

Marine Corps Times: How did the page get started? What was the idea behind it?


JTTOTS: We wanted to create a space where we could share our sense of humor and hopefully provide some of the camaraderie that a lot of the vets that we talk to miss and haven’t been able to find out in the civilian world. It really started out as memes and inside jokes that Marines and some other service members would get, and has really grown from there.

Marine Corps Times: How long did it take for the page to become as well known and popular as it is now in the Marine Corps?


JTTOTS: The page has grown steadily since we started it up – it wasn’t exactly an instant hit, but it has continued to grow every day.

Marine Corps Times: Why do you think it is as popular as it is?


JTTOTS: I think we have the type of humor and community that people that enlisted deal with every day. It isn’t politically correct or anything even remotely in that ballpark, but that is what you get with a bunch of people that spend months and months dealing with some of the worst stuff in the world. War creates a pretty twisted sense of humor. You see a little bit of with stuff like Generation Kill and the web comic Terminal Lance, and that is the same thing that we try to bring to the page, and so far it seems to be pretty popular.

Marine Corps Times: How much merch have you sold since you started offering it on your new website? Do you license use of the EGA? Have you trademarked your own logo?



Marine Corps Times: Are there any topics or themes that you all would consider off-limits in terms of offensive content or ideas or is everything fair game?


JTTOTS: Wounded vets, kids, and rape, none of those things are funny.


Marine Corps Times: Has the page had any formal interaction with HQMC, or has the Marine Corps ever tried to get it shut down?

JTTOTS: No we have never been approached by the Marine Corps, but we’ve heard about some counseling’s and things. It’s kind of crazy really – we’ve probably done more to keep Marines from doing stupid stuff than a lot of safety briefs and counselings.


Marine Corps Times: Some women say they've been physically threatened after appearing on the page or protesting being featured. What is your response to these kind of complaints?


JTTOTS: Not from us they haven’t. If some commenters have made threats then that is obviously something that is beyond our control and not something that we want to see.

Marine Corps Times: Clearly, some people think you're harder on female Marines than male Marines and harsher in your treatment of them on JTTOTS. What is your response to that?


JTTOTS: We are pretty tough on anyone that acts stupid. Being harder on female Marines isn’t something that we feel like we do – if anything the posts about female Marines are a lot fewer and farther between than the posts about male Marines. Most of the complaints that we get about that kind of thing usually aren’t even from female Marines.

Marine Corps Times: Have you ever taken photos off the site upon request or based on your own judgment?


JTTOTS: Definitely if someone has an issue with something we post we usually take it right down, or especially if they say that the spectacularly stupid thing they did is getting them in trouble.

Marine Corps Times: Do you think Marine Corps culture has changed in the last couple of decades on the enlisted level, or is it the same as it ever was?


JTTOTS: Considering that the last decade has been nonstop war and deployments we know that it has changed. It was a long period of garrison duty for Marines before 9/11 and that is just a completely different mindset than what you find in combat ready units.